Gallery Without Walls!

August 19, 2017

 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM


Arielle Dugue

As a young artist, I’ve had a love for art ever since I was four years old.  When I attended Pratt Institute and Art Student League in Manhattan at the age of nine for the summer, the experience helped enhance my skill.  What inspired me to be an artist is the freedom to use your imagination and creativity to share with others and enjoy the process f exploring the various ways of making at and looking forward to the results of the complete artwork.

mixed milan


I love t constantly find way to incorporate different object or other medium into my wok such as shells, beads, human air, oil, thread d much more. Most of my inspirations are from artists such as Thomas Kinkade, Vik Muniz, and Liz Lou just to name a few because of their unique sense of creativity.  These artists drive to push myself more t create art hat are unique and ye catching.  Since art has been my passion, my goal is to take my artists talents and use it to do illustrative work for children’s books, cartoons, an design logos for local businesses in need.




Hiba Saleh

Beauty of Islam in Palestine

Hiba Saleh

Art is a culture in which I have chosen to express of one myself. I took this path to connect myself as a human being, and I continuously advance on it as a Muslim who descends from proud Palestinians.

I have assembled a variety of mediums and methods of creating my art. I have united these techniques in Islamic and Palestinian culture. Its elements consists of geometrical designs, calligraphy, arabesques, and cross stitching.untitled

I chose to release a selection of art works to express my frustrations and beliefs. Islam is “As-Salam”, which means peace. Please, don’t be fooled by those who corrupt this vision, but believe of the truth and beauty of the Islamic Palestinian culture.


t a o Barry L. Johnson


Rhythmic and Hip; Bluesy, Soul-filled, and Jazzed.  

Barry L. Johnson

Long Island, New York-based Actor, Poet, and

Visual Artist, trained in the Visual and Fine Art of Painting.

I consider myself a Visual Composer, interested in the arrangement and placement of different elements within the work; the act of putting it together, orchestrating and creating a visual balance. 

 My compositions allow me to explore and make sense of my world, offering a platform where I can loosely communicate my thoughts and experiences.  They are poetic quests within a controlled space, within which I provide visual rest stops — places for silent contemplation, reflection, or conversation — through the use and arrangement of various focal points and materials within the imagery.  They are Expressionistic and Conceptual Compositions using abstraction, words, and symbolism that I draw from my life as An American (of the African Diaspora.

 Filled with a desire for spiritual expression, cultural discovery, and a sensual love for the aesthetic, I attempt to achieve harmony within my work.Barry's Image

 “No one thing is better than another.  All things play a part in life and affect its overall well being.  And so it is with those things we cherish and how they, in turn, affect us.  My work is sensual and must live in its environment so that the viewer — the patron — can participate in the life and character of the piece, as witnesses to a man’s quest for freedom and understanding. I hope that one can find, through some admiration of what I’ve created, something worth passing on to future generations.”  

AdvancingColors. Inspiring Contemplative Interaction

de- e- re-

Facing(Fears, Series I

*limited edition