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Leslie Pieters

Event Coordinator

Leslie Pieters

Award-winning educator, Leslie Pieters, is she

An artist-a poet, a dancer who likes tea


She likes to read history and also likes to write

She likes to play soccer with all her might


A humanitarian and environmentalist she is at heart

She adores the outdoors and anything tart


So anything about Leslie one could easily say

Expect to be your best with her on any given day


 Darren Sardelli

Darren Sardelli
Darren Sardelli

Hi everyone! I’m Darren Sardelli. I’m an award winning poet, children’s book author, and motivational speaker. My poems are showcased in 16 children’s books in the U.S and England, and 20 textbooks (worldwide). My poetry has been featured on Radio Disney, in best selling books on the Scholastic Book List, and is being used in lesson plans all around the world. Since 2004, I’ve visited over 500 schools (in 8 states)… where I’ve turned countless students and educators onto poetry. My program, Laugh-A-Lot Poetry, has been recognized by Suffolk Boces as a Top 10 School Program on Long Island (2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2015). If you’d like your students to experience something unique that stimulates their minds, sparks their creativity, and inspires them in ways they’ve never imagined, please keep me in mind. I have a gift for making poetry fun and exciting for students of all ages!   www.laughalotpoetry.com


Mike O. The Poet


Mike O’ (Michael Olisemeka) is a creative storyteller from Mount Vernon, NY. Since 2008, he has been passionately sharing his gift in speaking at churches, conferences, concerts, special events, and poetry clubs. While speaking to a modern generation, he shares lessons from his own life and lives of others to show how we can be so much apart yet so much the same people: “For your life story has already been told.”

Website: www.mikeothepoet.com

Follow me on IGwww.instagram.com/mikeothepoet


Carden Michael

Carden Michael, Poet
An unrelenting concern for the human condition, particularly those unique challenges faced by the African race, is the underlying passion that drives the work of writer Carden Michael. For this prolific writer, words are automatic as he perceives the injustice that is commonplace around him.
Michael considers his writing thus far as a blessing and a gift. He notes that his educational journey in his native St. Vincent and the Grenadines was a very traumatic experience which certainly didn’t pave the way for emergence in the literary field. “I was not a good student. So many teachers believed in hitting that they would keep me jumpy all the time. There was just one teacher with a gentle spirit, and he was my only source of encouragement.”
“I have a high regard for education,” he says, “but when I write, I have this feeling of being moved by and an impulsive spiritual force not an academic force. I am moved by anything that deals with the human condition. I see things through spiritual eyes,” he says.
Michael notes that his first filtering on the thematic aspects of literature came from the lives of the people in the Bible. He was an avid Bible reader from an early age and well into adulthood. That fixation ended when a mentor told him he “couldn’t just read the Bible.” Carden says, “He told me that people need to read biographies of great people and seek knowledge where it may be found.”  I was introduced to a book entitled Afro American History written by Malcolm X and I could not put it down. That book had a profound impact on me and opened up a whole new world,” he says. “Malcolm spoke about the importance of knowledge and understanding oneself. It illuminated my mind. Instantly I found myself gravitating towards my history.”
 Among Carden Michael’s published works of poetry and prose are, The Great White Hoax, American, the Land of the Free and the Brave, Montonous Children, Boundless Vision and Wisemen (CD).

                                                                                           Excerpt from Interview with Nandi Keyi _2015