Dance Explosion ~ Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, Praise, Jazz and more! At the Market

August 4, 2019
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Sandra Gales Jenkins

Sandra Gales-Jenkins

The Art of Dance – when one is captured by the movement of life through dance no matter what is going on you can be taken away in that moment and have a sense of peace to soothe the mind and emotions. But to have the ultimate dance would mean your partner is Holy Spirit who heals and makes you WHOLE.

Dance – when performed touches people because it is a universal language. The different genres of dance express to the audience a story being told through the passionate movement and emotions of the dancer.  To have the pleasure of viewing a performance, one may experience a connection with the dance causing a tapping of the feet, clapping of the hands, and swaying to a rhythm that moves their soul.  Dance has been around from the beginning of time, and it’s recorded in The Bible that even King David Danced.                                                                                        ~ Evangelist Sandra Gales Jenkins

Sandra Gales Jenkins is the Associate Director of the Freeport Farmers’ Youth Market where she volunteers to help cultivate the market’s young entrepreneurs. Currently she is the Acting Chairperson for the Darby Foundation Golf 4 KIDZ and the Director of the After School S.T.E.A.M. Program where Archie Snowden from FIOS taught media and technology and the youth created a commercial.  Former University professor, Aaron Scott, taught art and held a hands-on workshop.  Artist and sculptor Benjamin Burton also held a sculpting workshop.  In 2017/18 school year dance will be incorporate into the curriculum.

Sandra is retired from her long time career in nursing, experienced in ER, ICU, and specialized in CCU.  Nurses are nurturers and help people heal through care giving. Sometimes music was played in her patients’ room to transform the environment and make it conducive for healing and recovery.  Dance and the arts was a part of Sandra’s educational experience, so therefore it was natural to incorporate music and the arts in nursing.

Founder of City of Love After School Tutorial Program; Founder of the City of Love Radio Show – WGBB for 3 years; Founder City Of Love Intercessory Prayer Line; Prayer leader Kingdom Prayer Call – Founder Liz Black of WLIB; Intercessory Prayer leader – Night of Healing Madison Square Garden.  Member of HEVN Coalition – Founder Apostle R. Mackey.  Some Acknowledgements:  AWARD – Prophetic PMS World Summit International Intercessors Award 2014; CITATION – Celebrating Black History & Education, City of Love After School Tutorial Program; CITATION – Nassau County Executive Office – Serving Residence of Nassau County – Chaplain.


Marian Juste

Marian Juste

Marian Juste was born and raised in New York, where she started dancing at the age of seven. Dancing with several dance teams Marian was able to travel around the tristate area from a very young age. By the age of fifteen, Marian had been to various countries sharing her gift and passion with the world. This year Marian has had the opportunity to train with some of the best choreographers in Los Angeles, California. Some of which include but not limited to Willdabeast Adams, Nicole Kirkland, Mykel Wilson and Jersey Maniscalo. In 2015, Marian joined Zion Cathedral Church of God in Christ, where she started to both teach and dance in their liturgical ministry. Christ is placed at the center of her everything and with His guidance Marian’s goal and soul’s desire is to open and conduct worldwide dance programs.

Marian J card

Simona Ross2

Coach & Choreographer

~ Simona Ross


The Roosevelt High School Kick Line is a dynamic group of young ladies that range from grades 9-12 at Roosevelt High School. The Kick Line, also known as the Dance Club, performs as part of the Roosevelt High School Marching Band; and also performs as a Dance Company. The young ladies of the Kick Line relate to one another as a sisterhood, and believe in excellence in academia, community service, as well as sports and outreach endeavors. This group of talented young ladies are under the direction of their coach, Ms. Simona Petra Ross.


Dorothea L. Phillips

Dorothea L. Phillips DXP founder 3

Founder & Choreographer

Dance X-Plosion

Dorothea L. Phillips’ mini bio – I began dancing at the age of three at Billy Tyrall Dance studio in Laurelton, Queens. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Adelphi University in 2003 in Elementary Education and began teaching at Miss Shelley’s Upward Prep upon graduation. I began my dance company Dance X-Plosion in the summer of 2005 wanting to provide the opportunity to dance at an affordable rate. In 2012 we began competing on a National Level in various regional competitions coming in first place overall for productions including : Lion King, Annie, Wizard of Ahhs, Disney Princess, and Cleopatra.

Dance X-Plosion Group