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cedarmore health and wellness farmers market - 2017


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Mission Statement:

The Health and Wellness program seeks to empower the youths and their family members to live strong healthy lives, across the continuum of life, by means of a holistic approach.

A healthy life style is one of the most valuable assets that one must learn to cultivate early in life. The practices of proper nutrition, exercise, and the use of preventative services/health screenings allows us to prosper from good health.  It is the bridge that carries us safely across the continuum of life, from adolescent into adulthood.  The practice of healthy lifestyle as a youth pays big dividends into adulthood, and across the life span.

Healthy lifestyle teachings, health screenings, Nutritional counseling, exercise techniques, and Health fairs, are some of the tools utilized in the program.  The foundation for a healthy lifestyle is continually cultivated by the Health & Wellness Program, empowering, and motivating, the youths and their families to live healthy productive lives.



Program Dates:

Every: September, December, and June (these dates are flexible)


Freeport Recreational Center- 130 E Merrick Rd, Freeport, NY 11520 (this date is flexible)

Zion Multi-purpose Facility-312 Grand Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520 (home based)