The Freeport Farmers’ Market is a youth-staffed market created in 2012 by the Cedarmore Corporation. The Cedarmore Corporation is a Youth/Family Services organization based in Freeport, New York. As an organization that understands the pulse of diverse families, the Corporation is consistently evolving to create and enhance programs that will meet the needs of community Youth and their families. Current programs focus on education, financial literacy, healthy living, positive self-image, achievement, leadership and requires parental/guardian involvement. In addition to the Farmer’s Market, that includes the “Seed to Table” Community Garden and Mobile Market for seniors, the Cedarmore Corporation is engaged in the following initiatives:

After School Enrichment – Tutorial services from board certified teachers in all subject areas
Big Brothers Association (BBA) – Unity in the Community Basketball Tournament and Readers Become Leaders.
Ready, Set, kNOw – Abstinence Education that originated under Nassau County’s Common Sense for the Common Good
Young Entrepreneurs Training Program (YETP) – A year-round program that teach youth basic financial management skills through the filter of entrepreneurship. The Freeport Farmers’ Market is an evolution of the YETP program.

Cedarmore also host two events, The Youth Empowerment Series: Girlz Talk and Boys N2 Men – workshops on the most relevant topics of the day, including self-esteem, college preparedness, anti-bullying, anti-texting & driving and decision making.

For more information about the Cedarmore Corporation’ programs go to www.cedarmore.org.


Dear Friends of The Cedarmore Corporation:
We regret to have to announce the transitioning of Bishop Frank O. White, the founder and former C.E.O. of the Cedarmore Corporation.  Click here for bio.