Employment can be beneficial for youth by teaching responsibility, organization, and time management and helping to establish good work habits, experience, and financial stability. There are many advantages to working during high school, especially for low-income youth, including higher employment rates and wages in later teen years and lower probabilities of dropping out of high school. Research shows that communities without job opportunities for young people tend to have a higher rate of teen violence, gang participation and teen pregnancy.

We need your help!

Please donate the amount of your choice (no amount is too small) or sponsor a youth for a day, week, month or the year. Here are the amounts:


  • One Day Sponsor $ 96.00 (8 hours at $12 per hour)
  • One Week Sponsor $ 240.00 (20 hours at $12 per hour)
  • On Month Sponsor $ 960.00 (4 weeks, 20 hours weekly at $12 per hour)
  • On Year Sponsor $3,840.00 (16 weeks, 20 hours weekly at $12 per hour)

Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Make your check payable to The Cedarmore Corporation, note your donation choice and mail as follows:
Mrs. Debra Wheat Williams
Program Director, The Freeport Farmers Market
The Cedarmore Corporation
161 Lakeview Avenue
Freeport, NY 11520